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Käy katsomassa Spektin uusi video Myrkkyä (feat. Ares, Elastinen, Brädi, Uniikki \u0026 Timo Pieni Huijaus):

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  • Can someone please translate to englisch

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    • @Monttukani oh, thanks!

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    • At Spektistan's parliamentary session today, the government, through its chairman, has submitted an excellent proposal to parliament discussion. For our form of government is completely unsuitable for the present circumstances and is in need of a total castration. Parliament has therefore immediately declared Spektistan's dictatorman Spekti as the supreme state power's self-governant and monarch and subsequently disbanded the government of the country and abolished itself. From here on, Spektistan's form of government shall be an absolute fascist peoples dictatorship. Our centuries-old longing for freedom must now materialize. Our nation must shut itself off from imperialist neighbors to have the state independence of our country recognized. this is especially necessary nowadays, when the openness of our country has created a serious distress, lack and unemployment. This forces our dictatorman Spekti to cut-off all diplomatic relations to foreign powers. For their attempt to import food and supposedly necessary goods for industry into our country, has led to a looming famine and a complete halt of the industry. It is our patriotic duty to make every effort to achieve the common goal of the nation. For so far there has been no more important and decisive time in people of Spektistan's insignificant life. To support this, our loved and brave leader Spekti has published our new national anthem: Beloved Spektistan.

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  • Kaikki persut tuli just

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  • Sopii hyvin introksi Rakkaalle Spektistanille 👍🏻

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